Sunday, 27 February 2011


Has there ever been anything quite as dispiritingly unmotivating as the current AV referendum campaign? I wasn't expecting a great deal from it, but week two has been so dead even I've barely noticed it.

No to AV has continued its idiotic Taxpayers' Alliance bollocks about how much a change in the voting system would cost. And Yes to Fairer Votes has moaned about how bad No to AV's campaign has been. It's embarrassingly moronic, and heads should roll in both campaigns –  though I suspect they won't because there isn't a lot of time to recruit new staff and devise less ineffectual pitches.

Both official campaign websites are execrably static and unresponsive – I'm managing to update this blog more regularly than either of them without any staff or resources and with quite a lot of day-job work to do. And neither campaign seems to be doing much more offline than running public meetings on a scale rather less impressive than, say, the Polish Solidarity Campaign on a not particularly busy week in the 1980s.

At this rate, I'd be surprised if turnout is 30 per cent.

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