Monday, 7 March 2011


Week three of the campaign in the run-up to the referendum on the alternative vote has been an almost complete non-event. Ken Clarke made a boiler-plate defence of first past the post at the Tories' spring conference; and the official No to AV campaign made a massive hoo-hah about one of the few Tories in the "yes" camp who happens to have rather old-fashioned views about women and gays and thinks the Israelis are akin to Nazis. Thin gruel indeed ...

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  1. While the poverty of the campaigns is interesting, the real problem is the lack of an alternative - the referendum is a non event, but the two options before us are not being challenged. If the No vote wins, this means no Change, while if the Yes vote wins, this means AV and PR will be off the agenda.

    Given this we need a strong VOte No for a change campaign. PR has been totally marginalised and in all the welter of arguments, it will remain marginalised. Unless there is a clear option to keep the PR option open as a consequence of a No vote, then PR simply vanishes. Look at what happened to the campaign for regional government. One defeat in the north, and that was that.

    A single blog with few if any comments is not enough. A signed advert is one of the weeklies with a clear statement of why a No vote is not a vote for the status quo is the minimum starting point. With less than 3 months to go, time is running out - or the PR option will disappear from british politics for a generation.

    Action not words please!

    Trevor Fisher


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